Thursday, 2 June 2016

Final Blog Post

Final Blog

Hi, this is our last blog. We hope you enjoy!

Action Plan
Link to our action plan.

After we researched and found all the information that we needed, we thought about what
we can take action too. Some of the actions we decided to take and will keep doing it is:
  • Take the pledge and support organisations such as, WWF etc.

  • Educate our parents and other children

  • Download palm oil apps and share them with adults who go shopping so they know which products contain unsustainable palm oil and sustainable palm oil.

Even though Exhibition is over we will still continue to take these actions. We would also appreciate it if you can take these actions too. Let’s make the world the best planet EVER!

Exhibition Group Reflection
Our Exhibition went really well and we were really successful. We felt really good doing it because we did so much work towards it. The Exhibition night, when our parents came, went really fast, like it hardly happened. The next day when we presented the whole day was really tiring! At first, it was fine, but after we had to keep repeating our presentation over and over again, it got really boring! But it was worth it because we shared our thinking with lots of people from our school about palm oil. SAIS and another school also came to hear our presentations. We think that Exhibition was an amazing experience, to work together and take action for a sustainable future.

Thinking about Palm Oil
Our groups big thinking about palm oil is that palm oil is a big problem because it causes deforestation etc., but it is a very efficient crop which helps us in everyday life. We think that we should not stop using palm oil, but to use it in moderation.

Advice for Exhibition
Some tips for exhibition is ……
1.When you are making (Vlogs) you should always make the topic that you want to show people about strong and have good information to support your thinking.
2.When you are making a vlog you should always make the vlog interesting with images and props because that will engage the reader to learn more. Vlogs are on your Blog but a Vlog is a video on your site.
3.When you are making a poster you should think about (CARP) C stands for contrast,A starts for alignment,R stands for repetition,P stands for proximity. There should normally only be 3 to 4 colours so it is easy for the reader to read.When you are putting your information on your board then you should make is really big to read from far away.
When you are adding things to your board you should try to have some props or brochures for the guests so they can learn more.

In conclusion, this is some of the important things we would take away. Thank You, everyone, who has been reading our blog posts, we really appreciate it. This is our last blog post, but we may still post occasionally and talk about how we are doing with our action plan. Thank you.

  • Manasvini, Aranya, Keanu

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Almost Exhibition Day!

I can’t believe it is Exhibition Tomorrow! I am really confident on what we have done. I am also a little bit nervous, like I have said in my last blog post.

Today, we got our big poster after it got printed, and I think it is really good. We set up our stall and some of the G4’s came to see us practising, and gave us feedback.

The feedback really helped us because nobody had ever seen the full presentation. Something they thought we did well was that we had an easy to read poster. Another thing they said which was good is that we talked clearly so they could understand.

Something they wish we had done better was for us to speak louder (specifically me) This was really important because if I had not known this, I would have done the same mistake again.

Talking too fast is not such a big of a problem, but we have been trying to make sure we don't speak too fast anyways.

A personal goal I think for our group is to know when we have to speak because sometimes we had to remind each other. I think this is important because we need to look professional, so people may take us more seriously. Also it will be awkward for the person, which affects how they feel.

In conclusion, I think our group is going to be great, and all the hard work we have done has paid off.

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Tips on how to research efficiently

I am talking about tips on how to research efficiently

4 school days!..... and planning our presentations!

There are only 4 school days until Exhibition! I am so nervous and excited at the same time! This week, our group has been finishing synthesising and thinking about our presentation.

We decided to make a board electronically. Our group has started planning this on paper to see what is important, we are also starting to look at the colours we will use including CARP.

What we have been really focusing on is what we are going to say, our speech. It was really hard to think of the main points when we have so much information we found out! We want our presentation something people will remember, something they will take action for. We thought of telling them some of the information from our 3 essential questions (lines of inquiry) and tell them how they can take action after they heard our information. A standard and the minimum presentation would be like one person's says their question and what they found out, and the next person does the same and so on. Nobody will listen or remember our presentation if we did that, so we thought we could bring our essential question up, but not make it up the whole speech. We also had to remember to make it relatable, so they know what they need to do to help make a difference. We also thought of showing the sustainability compass (mindmap of thinking) so we did not have to say everything.

We are also planning to make some QR Codes of apps which you can help you when you are shopping, to buy sustainable palm oil products.

In conclusion, I think our group is doing really well on our planning our presentation stage, and working together to make this happen.

Synthesising with Sustainability compass

Thinking about what makes a good presentation

Monday, 16 May 2016

Quotes… Main idea?

Quotes… Main idea?

In class time, we have only about  11 more days until next Wednesday! That's not much!

We have been working on our quote that would go on our board and the main idea to sum up all our information.

This is our quote, “Don't stop using palm oil, use it in moderation”. We thought this would be a good quote because it tells us that we don't have to stop eating or using the materials we use every day, but try not to use them too much.
“Our main idea is, Palm oil is a very efficient but harmful crop. It is included in many of the products that we buy today, but at the same time, it is hurting many living things including humans. So we should think twice about what we buy and to educate each other about sustainable palm oil and what it does to limit deforestation.” This means that it is an efficient crop but don't take advantage of it and use it more than you need.

We chose these because we wanted to teach people that palm oil is bad and good.It is good because it is such an efficient crop and it makes so many products.But is also harms the animals and their habitats.So what we want people to take away in the Exhibition is that they should use the products wisely and to think of the process it took to make it happen.

In conclusion, we have to work on our action so that all the important things we had learned helps us and does not go to waste.