Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Interview Questions

This week is the first week we have started researching into our topic, and there is so much happening! One thing which I had to do was to think of the interview questions. It was a bit tricky, but once I did a few, it became easier.

Something I really think which will help when you are making your interview questions to think of your 3 essential questions. This helps to write it on top so when you write your questions, you can think of your main focus and not go off topic. We also had to consider some follow up questions, so we can dig a little bit deeper and know more. Another thing which you should do when writing interview questions is to think of a variety of questions so you can get a variety of answers and you can get more information.

I recommend these tips for you when writing your interview questions.


  1. Thanks for your insight on this topic Manasvini. Developing interview questions is really tricky. I liked how you decided to use your essential questions to guide the questions you are going to ask. Good luck with your interview.

  2. Next time maybe you should add a picture.