Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Researching... As a team

                             Researching... As a team

This week we are focusing on our research and gathering our notes and questions for interviews.In class, my group was focusing on our agenda when we meet our mentor and what we are going to talk about .
Our teacher introduced us into this star,the star is when we have complete something we write what we did and put it on our wall which then others can see . 
In our group, each week in the pod we have to write on the boards that have skills on we have to write something we did well in two of the skills . 
We might be going to WWF organisation (in Tanglin Singapore ) to talk about what they do with palm oil and some questions we have for them . 
We are also might be going to talk to our Sodexo team about what products they use and maybe what they can change to make it better and sustainable for the people . 
I think today the skill we used were collaboration because we really wanted to get these things done so we had to work as a group to achieve this. 
I think next time we could do much more research but otherwise, we did well. 
Now we have to get the email from our mentor telling us about when she is available. 
We used Lots of Collaboration,Self-managing our time to get our part done,Teamwork to compromise with each another. and being responsible when sending things to other people.
Today we had our first mentor meeting.We learnt a lot from them and what we can do better,They told us we should try to rephrase your questions so that we are not saying the same thing.I enjoyed working with our mentors and when we go back next Thursday with them we will share our new questions and talk to them about our experience when we go to WWF on Tuesday.We will get a better understanding to perspectives after that.

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