Tuesday, 26 April 2016

WWF (World Wildlife Fund) email.

Today I was working on my email to WWF (World Wildlife Fund) In that email, I added:

  • Introduction
  • Our focus
  • Essential questions
  • Interview request
  • Time we are available
  • What we might ask them
These were some things that I added to the email. I was really worried I made an error because me and my group wanted it to sound like we were professional. While writing the email I tried to be polite and respectful. Once I approved it with Ms. La Caze I sent the email and started hoping they would reply quickly because I was so excited.  After about two hours I checked my email and realized that they had replied and they said my group can visit them on the day we were available. I felt so happy.

Some advice I would give you is that if you are going to request an interview you should triple check it and check it with a teacher.


  1. Hi Keanu,
    This is Nikhil. I think that that was a great post and very detailed. I also feel nervous when writing the emails because I want to sound professional too.

  2. Hi Keanu,
    This is Josh. I think that that post was interesting and very informative. I feel kind of pressured when I am writing an email because I want to sound professional and not to robot-ish.