Tuesday, 17 May 2016

4 school days!..... and planning our presentations!

There are only 4 school days until Exhibition! I am so nervous and excited at the same time! This week, our group has been finishing synthesising and thinking about our presentation.

We decided to make a board electronically. Our group has started planning this on paper to see what is important, we are also starting to look at the colours we will use including CARP.

What we have been really focusing on is what we are going to say, our speech. It was really hard to think of the main points when we have so much information we found out! We want our presentation something people will remember, something they will take action for. We thought of telling them some of the information from our 3 essential questions (lines of inquiry) and tell them how they can take action after they heard our information. A standard and the minimum presentation would be like one person's says their question and what they found out, and the next person does the same and so on. Nobody will listen or remember our presentation if we did that, so we thought we could bring our essential question up, but not make it up the whole speech. We also had to remember to make it relatable, so they know what they need to do to help make a difference. We also thought of showing the sustainability compass (mindmap of thinking) so we did not have to say everything.

We are also planning to make some QR Codes of apps which you can help you when you are shopping, to buy sustainable palm oil products.

In conclusion, I think our group is doing really well on our planning our presentation stage, and working together to make this happen.

Synthesising with Sustainability compass

Thinking about what makes a good presentation


  1. Hi Manasvini,
    it's great that you are thinking about such important stuff about Exhibition. What are you thinking about your board's colour scheme? do you want it to colour relating to palm oil maybe? Like green? Your group seems to be on the right track and I'm sure it will turn out well.

    Are you going to also explain the sustainability compass and how it relates to your issue since people might not be that familiar with it?


  2. Hi Manasvini,

    I'm sure that all your colour schemes went well and I found it really interesting to read about what you were considering to do on your Presentation Night.

  3. I know that our students were nervous the week before their exhibition. I hope it went great!

  4. There is a lot of hard work that goes into a presentation, isn't there? Great to see that you are thinking about CARP. I hope you are pleased with all the effort your group has put in, and that you are excited about the days to come.