Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Almost Exhibition Day!

I can’t believe it is Exhibition Tomorrow! I am really confident on what we have done. I am also a little bit nervous, like I have said in my last blog post.

Today, we got our big poster after it got printed, and I think it is really good. We set up our stall and some of the G4’s came to see us practising, and gave us feedback.

The feedback really helped us because nobody had ever seen the full presentation. Something they thought we did well was that we had an easy to read poster. Another thing they said which was good is that we talked clearly so they could understand.

Something they wish we had done better was for us to speak louder (specifically me) This was really important because if I had not known this, I would have done the same mistake again.

Talking too fast is not such a big of a problem, but we have been trying to make sure we don't speak too fast anyways.

A personal goal I think for our group is to know when we have to speak because sometimes we had to remind each other. I think this is important because we need to look professional, so people may take us more seriously. Also it will be awkward for the person, which affects how they feel.

In conclusion, I think our group is going to be great, and all the hard work we have done has paid off.

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