Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Field trip … Hooray!

Field trip … Hooray!
Today was our first interview with WWF! We got so much information and in my opinion it was scary talking to a person that knows more than us and we had never met before. We actually had a problem but we resolved it. The  problem was that we forgot to send a confirmation email and while one of my teammates was looking through the mail to see the timing they   had  sent us a message 4 days ago about the confirmation,so we had to call the lady and luckily she was free and was okay to do the interview with such short notice!

The experience was interesting but was most shocking was,in one of their posters in the middle of that  poster was a delicious pizza and in the middle of the pizza slice was a chimpanzee that got killed.I felt hurt that we humans are impacting these wonderful animals and they had not impacted us at all but look, what we had done to them.

There was another poster that had a toothbrush and then inside of it was the forest burning and the animals on the other side having to leave their homes because it was used
and burned into ashes and then it impacted others too,the haze impacted us humans and the air.

It was interesting how they had spread awareness to others by going to other schools talking to them about it am how that whole organisation was so organized and how our guide Marie really talked about what they had been doing and she told us such interesting things about palm oil and showed us lots of posters they had made to stop it or spread awareness to other young people that “We can make a difference even when you are young and if you have meaning and a good strong  thinking about it anyone can achieve anything.”

I liked their office was a big logo and lots of people working on different parts of palm oil and the natural things.Marie was a very nice and talked to us about but we learned also as a thing we should do next time is to be more organized because she might of had different plans and then it would have wasted our time driving to get there and then it got cancelled.

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  1. Great post Aranya. Thanks for sharing your experience of going to WWF. From your writing I can see that you found the images in their advertisements shocking. What was the meaning behind them? Do you think they will be effective in changing people's actions? From the information you know about palm oil, could you create an image that gives your audience an important message?