Monday, 9 May 2016

Me so far...

I think that I have been following my goals and achieving some of them, already. I think I have been working really hard on staying on task and finishing my work. Ever sense Exhibition I have started to stay on task all the time. Maybe that's because I really want my group to be successful and for us to have a really good project to present. Usually, I am quite off tasked most of the time but now I have been really focusing on staying on task and getting my work done before the deadline. But it is not easy staying on task when you are on the computer. They are many different fun stuff that you can do on the computer and that's what I find distracting. Some of my friends can't believe I am now never off task. I have faith in my group and I think we are going to do a really good job. Now that I am staying on task I sometimes have to remind my other group members to stay on task. 

I am starting to get a bit worried because Exhibition is coming sooner that we think. Right now there are 11 school days till Exhibition. But what I am excited about is the interview we are going to have with Mr. Harish Harlani. He is a very nice man and we have been contacting each other for the last 5 days. And now finally we decided that me and my group is going to skype on the 13th of May. And it is funny because that is my birthday. Anyway, I am very excited to meet him on skype and interview him. Me and my group have been preparing questions to ask him. We have to think deeply about them and make sure it is not a question that we can just find on the internet. 

A tip is once you start to get in touch with someone you have to keep checking your email. It is not good just to send one email to someone and think that's all you need to do. You need to check with the person multiple times with what you want to do, which dates that person is available, what is the purpose you are meeting that person.

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  1. Thanks for your very honest reflection on a variety of things you are experiencing in Exhibition at the moment. Congratulations on staying focused so that your group can be very successful.