Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Our group collaboration + Self reflecting

Like all weeks, this week has been really busy! And I thought that this week I will share about our groups collaboration, and a bit about my collaboration to this group and what I can do better.

I think that our group is doing really well, compared to what I thought at the beginning of Exhibition when we got our groups. Our group not only works together to get work done, we have been starting to really get to know each other and how we like to work. Our group can share ideas clearly and confidently without having to feel weird of a suggestion we have made. We don’t have much fights or disagreements in our group, so that really helps our groups collaboration (I am not saying that we always agree, it’s just that we come with a compromise with everyone's ideas) In summary, I think our group is doing really well on our Collaboration.

Now I am going to talk about me and my contribution to our group and my collaboration. I think I am doing quite well on my collaboration with my group, because not only do I make sure I can have a voice, but ask others about their opinion. Even though I admit I go off task sometimes, like talking about something irrelevant to my group members, they help me be less distracted by putting me back on track. My group members help me with my personal goals for Exhibition, which makes me feel good that we are a team. I think I am really helping my group, and I have been working really hard on this unit. Sometimes it can be challenging because there is so much to do, and in such a short time.

In conclusion, our group is doing well together. We have all done our part by being enthusiastic and making good contributions to our group.


  1. Hi Manasvini,
    I love your honest reflections. You sound like you have a very supportive group who helps you stay focused and on task. You are right, there is so much to do in such short time. With extra focus and self management, you will get the jobs that need doing done. Great to see resilience shining through also. I can tell that even though you feel this is hard work, you are going to stick with it and keep trying your best. Good luck with the next stages of your Exhibition. I do hope there is no more haze this year from the palm oil.....

  2. Manasvini, your group collaboration sounds inspiring. I like the fact that you all share an open dialogue without any hesitation and that is what will be a key element for your group's success.