Monday, 16 May 2016

Quotes… Main idea?

Quotes… Main idea?

In class time, we have only about  11 more days until next Wednesday! That's not much!

We have been working on our quote that would go on our board and the main idea to sum up all our information.

This is our quote, “Don't stop using palm oil, use it in moderation”. We thought this would be a good quote because it tells us that we don't have to stop eating or using the materials we use every day, but try not to use them too much.
“Our main idea is, Palm oil is a very efficient but harmful crop. It is included in many of the products that we buy today, but at the same time, it is hurting many living things including humans. So we should think twice about what we buy and to educate each other about sustainable palm oil and what it does to limit deforestation.” This means that it is an efficient crop but don't take advantage of it and use it more than you need.

We chose these because we wanted to teach people that palm oil is bad and good.It is good because it is such an efficient crop and it makes so many products.But is also harms the animals and their habitats.So what we want people to take away in the Exhibition is that they should use the products wisely and to think of the process it took to make it happen.

In conclusion, we have to work on our action so that all the important things we had learned helps us and does not go to waste.


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  1. Aranya, I like your group's quote "Don't stop using Palm Oil, use it in moderation". I like it because it's short, gives the message and is really catchy.