Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Towards the end of exhibition... !!!!!!!

Toward the end of exhibition... !!!!!!!

In our group we had come up with our essential questions at the start of this process.What are the perspectives of the palm oil issue?
Why is palm oil part of so many products?
How can individuals and organizations in Singapore help reduce the usage of unsustainable palm oil?
I think our group is going well because on Tuesday we were talking about Vlogs. Vlogs are like blogs but it's a video and not an essay of the things u learned. There is this 8 or 9-year-old girl I think and she makes Vlogs about her thinking and learning and makes a less than 1 min video sharing her thinking her channel is called Liv Bits. Even in writing we have been working on our Vlogs as a group. My group's topic is called “Writing a formal email”.
We are also going to do a skype interview with Mr. Harish Harlani. He is one of the office people from P&G. The company P&G also works on palm oil and the sustainability of it

Formal emails are really important because when you are sending it to someone very important they don't want to see an email saying:


This would tell the person or company that they did it in a rush and this person was talking to his/hers friend. Because formal emails have, education purpose,read it again  before  sending, address them,say thank you or warm regards and your name at the end Ect.I thought it would be more fun and interesting for the audience if we make a video with a story so " one person would be typing the email and then a person would go up to them and tell them they should go to the famous formal email expert and then the person talks about the tips to a formal email".

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