Tuesday, 3 May 2016

WWF Interview Time

Today was the day that my group goes to WWF. Me and my group were very excited. We had everything organized and ready to go. We had our recording paper, Exhibition booklets, and our interview questions. My mom was the one who was taking us there. On the way there, there was a really heavy traffic which delayed us a bit.

Once we got there we noticed that it was a nice and small place. When we started to walk to the entrance we called the lady who we were supposed to meet. It was a very cool office. there was a little shop that sold many different things that will help support WWF. My mom bought us these really cool WWf notebooks. They were 100% paper free and was made of pulverized construction stone. It is water-resistance and tear-resistance. I found it really sustainable and creative. To me, the notebooks show how much effort WWF is putting to create a better environment and future.

When we went into the meeting room we met our guide, Marie Wong. She was a really kind person and see helped us learn a lot! It was really interesting to speak with someone who works with WWF because it was a good experience and it was interesting to see their perspective and why they think that. She helped us basically cover everything we wanted to know.

Some advice I would give you is that before you want to request an interview you have to be well organized and prepared. You can't just call someone and say, "can we have an interview with you?" because you wouldn't be prepared or maybe you might not even know what the purpose of that interview is. Also, while the person you are interviewing is answering your question come up with a deeper question from what the person you are interviewing is saying.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your experience at WWF. What a great lesson to learn - confirm your meeting times. I know this is something that will stick with you even after Grade 5.