Wednesday, 4 May 2016

WWF Perspectives

This is our second week researching. We went to talk to people at WWF, they had lots of interesting information for us, and I am going to share some things which stood out for me.

One thing that really stood out about this perspective is that Marie (the person we interviewed) said that palm oil is not all “bad” it’s just that people have to use it in moderation, and not completely saying that I won’t use palm oil products. A good example of using palm oil in moderation if you are buying chips in the supermarket, buy 1 instead of 3. One of the consequences of not buying palm oil is that people in Indonesia and Malaysia who rely on the palm oil industry to have a living (earn money) can’t have any money to live.

After listening about this opinion, I think I agree because not only do we think of nature, you have to think about the rest of the sustainability compass. They had made some creative ad’s to capture people's attention, so they knew what was going on. I really enjoyed our interview at WWF, and it helped us with our research.


  1. Hi Manasvini
    Thanks for sharing your new learning from the interview. It sounds like the interview has helped you identify some of the different perspectives involved in Palm Oil and how finding solutions can be complex.

  2. Hey Manasvini
    It looks as though you learn't a lot from the trip to WWF, And it is good that you are being honest about your learning.
    I agree that you need too think about the sustainability compass for palm oil. But not just palm oil, All our topics!