About Us

Hi, We are from 5th Grade and our names are Keanu, Manasvini and Aranya.
We are the palm oil Exhibition group from UWCSEA East Campus 2016 Singapore. We are really passionate about palm oil.

Our focus is to inquire into the different perspectives and issues of the palm oil industry to take action towards using less unsustainable palm oil products.

Our essential questions are:

  1. What are the perspectives of the palm oil issue?
  2. Why is palm oil part of so many products?
  3. How can individuals and organizations in Singapore help reduce the usage of unsustainable palm oil?

Some of our strengths that we share in our group is being a Self-Manager by staying on task and using our time wisely. A collaborator by listening to each other's ideas and adding on to them and making them better. Communicator by communicating to each other and interacting with people in many different ways like sending an email to our  mentors.


  1. I can remember driving through Borneo and feeling very sad to see the forests that had been cut down for Palm Farms. I have seen first hand the problem that this causes in the countries where it is produced. Good luck with your project.

  2. Fantastic essential questions!

  3. You'll have done very good work on reflecting and writing about what you'll have been doing over the exhibition. It is also good that you'll are showing your goals and what you'll have been thinking over the few weeks. Just one place you'll could improve on is improving your punctuation and not using too long sentences.

  4. Great posts. I can see that your interview went well with WWF and that you got many ideas from the shocking posters. I think that you might work on your sentence structure, since one of your paragraphs was one sentence long. Thanks for sharing your videos and your interview with WWF.